Inspired by both the natural world and the fantastical, Samantha's work bridges the gap between reality and fantasy to create something truly unique. Extra extremities and twisted features are a staple in her works, while exploring new ways to include commonly found objects and features with innovation.
          Samantha is proficient in a variety of media, such as Photoshop, traditional pen and ink, colored pencil and graphite. She has refined her skills through the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s Bachelor of Fine Arts – Illustration program with an emphasis in Concept Art. She has a particular interest in Creature and Character Design.
          In her free time, Samantha enjoys playing a wide variety of video, card, and tabletop games, all of which further inspires her work. Literature and mythology spark her creativity as well, drawing from the works of a wide variety of authors including H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien and Gerald Brom. Much of her inspiration comes from her many excursions into Colorado's natural parks and hiking trails, in order to learn from the flora and fauna through sketching and viewing them. She also collects nature paraphernalia and photographs to use as a constant source of inspiration, even away from wild places. 
The Cat Care Society's 'Tails of the Painted Cats', traveling through Lakewood, CO (2023)
Small & Powerful Art Show, RemainReal Fine Art, in Denver, CO (2023)
Power in Numbers 7, Gallery Nucleus, in Alhambra, CA (2022)
Into the Rainbow (Third Annual), Spectra Art Space, in Denver, CO (2021)
For the Record (Third Annual), Spectra Art Space, in Denver, CO (2019)
Into the Rainbow, Spectra Art Space, in Denver, CO (2019)
Abyss: Group Art Odyssey, Magnetic Gallery, in Fort Collins, CO (2019)
2018 Summer Graduation Exhibition, Philip J. Steele Gallery, in Lakewood, CO (2018)
For the Record, Spectra Art Space, in Denver, CO (2017)